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Lon Denney

Lonnie Paul Denney was born in the USA.  While living with his Grandfather from the age of 8 and grew up reading old mouldy hunting and outdoor magazines, with a special interest in Africa.

Lon started hunting at the age of eight, with a longbow, he then was given a “22, from there he progressed and the rest is history!

In 1971 Lon received his NFAA Master Bow Hunter in Long Bow Hunting and also guided for over 35 years in the States and he is very knowledgeable in both firearms and ballistics.

His love of hunting then took him to his beloved Africa.

He started off in Tanzania in 1992 and then to Zimbabwe in 1994.  Lon fell in love with Zimbabwe and decided to settle here, where he started his safari Company, Tokoloshe Safaris, which was registered and licensed in 2002.

His speciality is both elephant and buffalo and gets a kick out of seeing his client take down their first, of one of the above! However, he covers all other game hunts with equal passion.

Lon is also very community minded and involves them as much as possible in conservation.

Liesl Grundling

Liesl Grundling was born in Zimbabwe and grew up on a Cattle Ranch in the Masvingo Province. Her love of the outdoors and especially the bush was to steer her to her new profession as a hunter.

She learnt to shoot at the age of 6, as her father believed she should be able to protect livestock from snakes, jackals and leopard in her parents’ absence and enjoyed hunting for doves and a later bigger game as well as shooting rations for the staff.

Liesl joined Tokoloshe Safaris in 2004 and has had her Learners Hunters licence since 2005 and has been hunting under the supervision of Lon Denney since then and is working on her full licence.

Liesl speciality is Buffalo and Hippo but also loves hunting the other species, she shoots a 450/400 Heym double rifle.

Community involvement is also important to Liesl and supports many conservation drives in the area.

Ashton Gondo

Ashton Gondo Born in Zimbabwe and from the Masvingo district

Has worked for Tokoloshe Safaris since 2007.

He is our Handyman, driver, mechanic, skinner, wood carver.

Ashton has worked for National Parks for over 15 years before that he worked for Chipangali Wildlife orphanage in Bulawayo.

Sidney Sibanda

Sidney is a Ndebele of Malawian descent. His home area is Lupane. He has been working for us for the past 12 years he is our camp and vehicle security.

When Sidney is around it always seems to make everyone’s day brighter. Just don’t let him tighten the wheel nuts, he is strong as an OX!

Trust Mukuli

Trust, a Tonga comes from Kariangwe mission, he has a subsistence farm in that area which is tended to by his two wives and some of his 9 children,
Trust has worked for us for the last 8 years he has become a accomplished camp cook,
 He well always makes sure you never leave camp with an empty stomach or cooler box . He will see that there is always a neat and orderly camp.
You will always hear him whistling and singing as he works.


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